Atlas Field Services offers both manned and unmanned aerial services to our partners. Our manned aerial services partner with helicopter pilots to offer a foolproof flight plan to include pilot ground support, FAA compliance, and hazard mitigation in both remote and congested areas for all flight plans. These professionals have extensive experience in emergency fire suppression, storm response and remote vegetation management experience. We pair up these professionals to work as a team in helping the pilots assess large tree removal and large-scale fire emergency response efforts. Unmanned aerial services involve pairing FAA Part 107 certified drone pilots with right-of-way ground patrols to carry out independent critical infrastructure inspections while utilizing industry-specific subject matter experts.

This approach increases the overall productivity of the inspection by providing detailed, in-depth inspection information while reducing operational costs. We fly a variety of unmanned aircraft in compliance with FAA part 107 to fit the specific needs of our clients.

Visit our sister operating company Soaring Eagle Technologies to find out more.

  • Manned and unmanned aerial services
  • Drone pilots with Remote Pilots Certificate
  • Unmanned Electrical transmission inspection
  • Unmanned Pipeline right-of-way inspection
  • Helicopter flight following and remote landing zone surveys and assessments
  • Right-of-way ground patrols
  • Remote access capability
  • Ground hazard identification utilizing ground to air and air to air communications
  • Critical Infrastructure subject matter expert assessments
  • Safety risk mitigation via Crew Response Management and FAA particulars
  • Complete manned aerial flight and emergency response plans
  • Obstruction and FAA compliance review