Atlas Field Services offers both manned and unmanned aerial inspection services to clients. We provide actionable data, proactively monitoring the condition of assets and partnering with you to implement preventative and recovery plans.

Our veteran UAS (unmanned aerial systems) pilots are pioneers in the industry in obtaining the coveted FAA approval to fly unlimited miles BVLOS (beyond the visual line of sight of the pilot in command) for critical infrastructure inspections.

Compared to competitors and alternative methods, the comprehensive data we provide is:

  • Faster
  • More efficient
  • More reliable
  • Safer
  • Cleaner

We offer hazard mitigation in remote and congested areas for all flight plans.

Atlas Field Services professionals have extensive experience in emergency fire suppression, storm response, and remote vegetation management.

Soaring Eagle Technologies manned and unmanned pilots lead in UAS FAA Part 107 certifications due to the expertise of our veteran team.

The combined—ground and aerial approach—increases the overall productivity of the inspection by providing detailed, in-depth inspection information while reducing operational costs. Our approach is customized to fit your critical infrastructure inspection needs.

Visit our sister operating company Soaring Eagle Technologies to find out more.

  • Leaders in BVLOS with no mileage limitations
  • Manned and unmanned aerial services
  • Drone pilots with Remote Pilots Certificate
  • Unmanned Electrical transmission inspection
  • Unmanned Pipeline right-of-way inspection
  • Helicopter flight following and remote landing zone surveys and assessments
  • Right-of-way ground patrols
  • Remote access capability
  • Ground hazard identification utilizing ground-to-air and air-to-air communications
  • Critical infrastructure subject matter expert assessments
  • Safety risk mitigation via Crew Response Management and FAA particulars
  • Complete manned aerial flight and emergency response plans
  • Obstruction and FAA compliance review